Bringing the outside in.

So here in the UK we have had a lovely couple of sunshiney days and it was on a weekend too so most of us could go and enjoy the glorious weather in our parks, woodlands and gardens. Now alas, as I type this, the rain has started again… which got me thinking how can I bring a little of the outside indoors into my home? Inside number five, I adore having plants in each and every room, I feel they always add a little something but I need to add a few more natural elements in our space.


In March, I attended the Ideal Home exhibition at London’s Olympia and spotted this glorious set up in one of ‘Good Homes’ rooms. It was the perfect mix of botanical accents; with the beautiful cheese plant shaped light (be still my beating heart!) gorgeous black & white leaf print and this alongside a touch of glorious green. The gold accents pull this room all together; gold & green is a perfect colour combination that never gets old.

I love rooms like this, they always look fresh and inviting, however I need things a little more eclectic and would have to add a few more oddities into this space!


Here’s a close up of that sumptuous velvet foot stool. The colour is just utter green perfection!

The tree ring style flooring is genius in this room too.



Now, I appreciate that the above style means changes in room decor and some investment to bring the style to life, however you can add a touch of the outdoors inside really easily now a days, here’s a few of my favourite ways.


Again from the Ideal Home exhibition, the combination of a beautiful bowl of succulents against an azure toned rug has got all the Mediterranean feels. It is so easy to pick up succulents and cacti now, Wilkinson’s is my go to shop. There is always a good selection you can snap up for a couple of quid. Pick up a few and plant them all together into a terracotta planter and pop onto a coffee or side table.


I know not everyone can be green fingered, and I have killed approximately 14 plants so far! Luckily faux plants and flowers are coming back in style, and there is one lady totally rocking this world, Abigail Ahern. She is my total interior style guru.

These are an investment but perfect for any home, any room.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 19.09.15

Abigail Ahern faux plants


I love a high street find and Sainsbury’s have created their Botanist range for this summer which you can pick up with your weekly shop. There are outdoor features, dinner plates and cushions to choose from.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 19.13.26



You will have probably seen H&M Home’s palm print cushion covers, they’ve been in every Interiors mag going, but this seagrass lantern has got me excited. It is just the right side of cool and with natural materials becoming more and more popular in interior styling, this is the perfect accessory to add a little of the outside world inside.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 19.37.22

H&M Home


This post is also the perfect excuse to show off this awesome material I found in Just Fabrics at the weekend. Perfect palms and safari animals, it’s just the right side of kitsch! The pallet really works for this print.

We are turning this material into a hallway curtain (and I can’t wait!)


Chartreuse Longleat 

Will you be bringing any of the outdoors into your rooms this spring / summer?

2 thoughts on “Bringing the outside in.

  1. Love this! I saw some great botanical pictures at stables market in camden and was very tempted to buy some but my whole house needs sorting first! Will definitely consult you when I get the basics done and start decorating! Xx


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