Weekend Vibes…

I hope you have all had a wonderful week! I have unfortunately had to neglect my blog this week due to day job commitments, so this weekend there will be some blog planning as well as some other weekend treats!


It feels like I have been away all week, and I’ve really missed my home (hope that doesn’t make me sound THAT sad!) So this evening is all about having a little potter round the house, lighting the candles, big mugs of tea and a relaxing bath with my fave beauty treats from Sephora which I picked up in NYC last month! This space really is my sanctuary.



As we all know Wedding Season is approaching, and I have two hen parties to attend on Saturday! One will be a bridal brunch (how cute!) and the other a lovely dinner with a whole gaggle of girlies, and I can’t wait! I remember how exciting the lead up to my wedding was, in particular the hen parties, so really looking forward to help some special people celebrate!



On Thursday night, after my trip away, I came home to the master bedroom painted in it’s new colour! yay! I am so pleased with the colour choice so some of this weekend will be spent have a mooch in a couple of stores to see if there is anything to add to the room. I do have a few bits and bobs which I picked up in Norway, but it’s always nice to add a new piece to the collection isn’t it! My cousin has spent the week in Copenhagen and sent this from Illums Bolighus (possibly the best department store in THE WORLD!) and it just the most perfect blush pink and white scene, possible ever! So much inspiration in one picture, wouldn’t you agree!IMG_4949

As always, keep up to date with my weekend and home decor on Instagram 

Have a great weekend, and there will be more blog posts next week I promise!




2 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes…

  1. Hope you have a fab time at your hen parties, what colour was your master bedroom decorated? I would love to come home to a room decorated,look forward to your next blog……please. so was that your wedding dress in pic, tissue gorgeous😊xxx

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  2. thank you Donna, Hen parties were great, and not much of a hangover this morning so win, win!! So we went for a blush pink in the end, Valspar’s Breezy Linen, can not wait to style it up now! 🙂 and yes that was my wedding dress, it really was beautiful… one very lucky lady to have found it (and in the sale too!!) xx


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