5 ways to create the perfect vignette in your home…

Firstly, an apology for the delay in posting. I had a terrible week at the day job and it just completely stifled my creativity. However after an inspiring weekend (a new piece of furniture added to number five can always spark creativity!) and winning a competition to attend The House Fair and view the Martyn White Design room (dream come true!!) I am just so excited to get my interiors vibe back…

I always get such lovely comments about how I style my home and the vignettes dotted around number five always get loads of love.Vignettes are the perfect way to pull together your personal collection of things that are totally you and popping them in interesting places around your home. There is no magical science to it, I promise, but I thought i’d share my top five ways to create the perfect vignette in any home.

Always odd numbers…

Whether it’s just the one, three, five or go crazy with seven odd is always best. I don’t know why… it is just a thing (I think it’s all to do with balance to the eye!) but its a rule that most interior designers follow. I tend to go in threes… it just makes your pieces stand out a little and things feel a little less crowded, but if you have a large room / space / table then go all out and keep adding! IMG_5133

Keep things interesting and vary the heights… 

Whether its a vase full of beautiful blooms or a stunning tall object d’art you may have varying heights make all the difference to your vignette. It keeps the eye interested; add tall pieces with smaller, medium with really oversized and don’t discount those tiddly pieces as they also work wonders too! It’s all about intrigue and interest… Here, in one of my favourite spots in my home at the moment, I have added an oversized marble style vase with big blooming hydrangea flowers, the obligatory Diptyque candle and the West Elm armadillo I am so obsessed with!


Add an oddity…

You can see from all the above images that an oddity really does add something to your vignette styling. I am completely obsessed with brass animals from West Elm at the moment (here’s my haul!) they just add that little bit of je ne sais quoi to my space. You don’t have to spend a lot, it just has to be a wonderful and different piece that adds a bit of a ‘wow’, ‘oh look at that’, ‘how cute’. As well as West Elm, H&M Home, Anthropologie and M&S Home (which are my go to places for oddities) I love to purchase things from junk shops and spray them metallic or neon. The little buddha you can see here was picked up in Bali for 3 quid, but knew he would look perfect in any shelfie! Wouldn’t you agree?

Image (1)

Add life…

And by that i mean add flowers, add plants, add succulents, add cacti they will instantly add some much needed texture. Varying textures in a vignette is a perfect way to make sure your collection and style is totally stand out. The same textures in a grouping can look dull, and a tad boring too so make sure you remember adding that little piece of life when pulling your vignette of things together.


Books, use them…

I love adding books to my vignettes; their spines add colour, they help to add height and we have tonnes of them lying around don’t we! It is a really inexpensive way of styling up your collection of things into a coherent space. I have so many travel and interior books that I use all over the house, and just love the way things looks popped on top of a pile of books. Here’s one from my spare room, where I’ve used some of my (giant!) collection of Wallpaper city guides to add a little height and a pop of colour to this style up.

Image (2)

If you don’t yet have the confidence to bring your collection of things together, the super Mia Fleur Home have created a section of their shop where you can ‘shop the vignette’ and purchase the perfect collection pieces to create a stand out space. It is such a wonderful idea, and will allow you to build your confidence in creating these vignettes for you to add more of you & your style to the space!

I’d love to hear if you have any more tips on styling up the perfect vignette in your home!


8 thoughts on “5 ways to create the perfect vignette in your home…

  1. Jade this is so fabulous! I will have to find some time to read back through your other posts. Keep up the good work. Your house is always amazing- you know Luca thinks so! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this! Full of great advice thanks. I’ve not really been considering the ‘rules’ in my pics so far, just following instinct. But I can see how certain principles will help where it’s not coming together. Great blog. I look forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Fiona! I agree there is no real magic to this and instinct is best! but if I kinda follow these rules they always look super duper! 🙂 glad you are enjoying the posts X


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