Travel Stays…Mondrian London

I think I have said before I have two passions in life; interiors and travelling. Don’t worry I’m not going all travel blogger on you (I really can’t afford that lifestyle!) but I really wanted to share with you some of my stays and the interiors that add the WOW factor to my trips.

We headed to London to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and stayed at Mondrian London at Sea Containers on the Southbank. It is so close to the OXO Tower we could see it through our bedroom window  and a stoll away from Tate Modern, Borough Market and St Paul’s so its a perfect base for any London adventures. But it was the interiors at the Mondrian that got me all in love. This hotel has got the best vibe.

It was curated by one of my favourite British designers, Tom Dixon, and he has created such an amazing space for all to enjoy. Its a feast for the senses and screams Dixon at every corner! It exudes elegance, beauty but with a modern and metallic twist – just design magic!

The bedroom had perfect dark grey tones paired with crisp white, gorgeous Tom Dixon furniture and pops of neon pink.


Even though the room was pretty small it had beautiful pockets of styled up TD furniture. As soon as I saw the arm chair… and lamp… and side table I had to google how much it would be to buy (i’m currently saving all the pounds!) But how perfect is this set up? Don’t you think it would be the most stylish reading corner, or to sit and chill with a G&T.


Sexy wall art… again with all the dark tones and pops of pink!


My dream desk set up – the chair, oh that chair!


The bathroom had all the marble!


And you knew the hotel was super stylish because it had the most beautiful cut glassware. Cut glass is really having its moment again, thanks to the wonderful Danish and a huge re love for all things midcentury modern! (Goes to raid my parents drinks cabinet and those cut glass champagne flutes!!) Also love that little fortune cookie! If only it were brass hey!


It wasn’t just the bedroom that was stunning and super cool; this is the reception area. The tiles, the grey velvet, the painted wood and those flowers. Just styled to perfection.



Throughout the reception area there is all the copper. It is a sensory dream, and paired with gorgeous seating areas like this one and when you look above there are Tom Dixon Etch Lights every where! I honestly can’t tell you how much I loved this space.


Finally at the Dandelyan, the hotel’s bar, it had everything I’m feeling at the moment in interiors. All the velvet, I am having a moment with green at the moment and these green chairs are so sumptuous, brass accents and green marble too! Pass me a cocktail please… I’m happy to stay here for a while!!


It really was a gorgeous stay and would highly recommend this fabulous hotel for any interior geek like I!

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