CAA (Candle Addict Anonymous!)

One thing that number five is never short of is a scented candle, even as I type this I have one burning. It’s one of my little pleasures… big mug of tea, blanket, laptop on and a beautifully scented candle burning away, heavenly. Here are my favourite scents around number five…

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen this vignette; with the hydrangea, sweet peas and the brass llama (albeit looking a little evil here!) but the Amber Diptyque is the total show stopper in this set up. I am a huge fan of dark, masculine and heavy scents and this is not to heady like some Amber perfumes but is just right. I do love an Amber scent, not only is it my lovely sisters name, but its also a scent that transports you away to exotic places, and is perfect for a little escapism.

Diptyque candles are expensive its £42.00 for this size, however they burn so well, the scent starts to fill the room as soon as its lit and they also leave a lovely subtle scent in the room when not burnt. Go treat yourself, you know you should!


A new addition and a lovely birthday pressie from my husband is this gorgeous Wood Sage & Sea Salt candle from Jo Malone. This is such a fresh scent but with a subtle hint of that masculine vibe, from the wood sage, that i like in a candle… Its such a summery scent, but not at all floral. I love my flowers but don’t like those sickly sweet floral candles they are a total no, no! This is such a wonderful scented addition to the bar chart, such beautiful packaging too.


Another scent in the living room (i don’t burn these ALL at once I’d like to add!) is a new addition that I picked up from The House Fair from True Grace. I chose their Portabello Oud candle which has a lovely story around the scent. True Grace started on Portabello Road so it’s a collection of scents from their first home. It is such a delicious heady scent, perfect for these summery, autumn evenings we’ve been having. This brand is fast becoming a candle fave of mine!


Another new brand is currently burning pretty in the newly decorated (but not quite finished!) bedroom is by the natural skincare brand Honest, who use 100% natural and pure ingredients in their products, whether its the delicious facial oil (that stuff is good!) or this beautiful Evening Jasmine candle. This is such a yummy scent, I know i said above that I don’t care for floral scents but this is the exception… when burning this smells like a gorgeous sunset evening in the med somewhere with the evening jasmine intoxicating the air… in the most sumptuous way! Another candle that is fast becoming my favourite!


The Honest candle is on my husbands bedside table and on mine is the gorgeous Skandinavisk candle, Hygge (cosiness). I am absolutely obsessed with the scandi life and in particular Hygge; the thought of cosying up for days on end with blankets, piles of old books to read,  tea and candles burning everywhere as i’ve said is my idea of heaven. You may have heard of Skandinavisk; but for those of you you haven’t the brand was created by two english guys who went over to Copenhagen and Stockholm and wanted to bottle up the Scandinavian way of life and did so in gorgeous candles! The Hygge scent has notes of tea, rose petals, wild mint and baked strawberry cake. This may sound like a sickly sweet candle, but its not at all, its totally scandi in its subtle way!


I have my eye on a couple of their scents, including Bal (Camp Fire) I love a smoky candle, Feu du Bois by Diptyque is also a fave in at number five, however that is our winter scent… maybe i will do one of these posts again with all wintery feels!

I hope you have enjoyed a look through some of the candle collect (there are still a few more to show!) I’d love to know if you have any favourites that i should be checking out!!

2 thoughts on “CAA (Candle Addict Anonymous!)

  1. Great article. As you know I am also a lover of the masculine scent & you introduced me to Bath & Body works Mahogany Teakwood a much cheaper option than Diptique & transports me back every time to A&F!! looking forward to trying out some of your recommendations.

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    1. That candle is coming up in the bathroom make over post coming shortly! It’s an amazing scent and a firm favourite at number five. You would love the True Grace portobello oud.


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