Our Bathroom Makeover…

This is my first before and after post… I’m a little nervous about showing everyone, and it’s a little wordy but i hope you enjoy reading!


We have been at number five for just over three years now. We don’t do things by halves, it was three weeks before our wedding that we moved in and to say it was a stress was an understatement!! Days before the wedding we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and I even called in reinforcements from my OCD cleaning mother to help out! There were two places in particular, the kitchen and the bathroom that were just so sad, tired and unkept. Ah, the two biggest expenses in a home then!

We tried to clean up the bathroom a little bit… by changing the flooring & giving it a lick of paint (please don’t judge my paint colour choice at the time I hadn’t got into my style!) but it was possibly the ugliest room in the house; and one night after a particularly bad day at the office I ran a bath and cried about how ugly the room was!

Here are some before snaps for you (so you appreciate why i cried!)

Ugly old bathroom suite, no personality and no storage!


The horrid tiles, no matter how much bleach and Mr Muscle they always looked unclean!

I then did something I never had done before, and decided to swap a holiday for decorating the bathroom. Mr W had asked if we wanted to go away for a mini break (he works away in Norway, I had a busy couple of months in the office and we love our little breaks away!) but I knew that we should do up the bathroom instead! Unfounded behaviours from me! So, then it was all about deciding what to do…

I’d always dreamed of evenings full of bubbles (bubble bath and champagne!) in a roll top bath and gorgeous over sized Burlington shower head but our bathroom is so small there would never be a way of configuring the room to make it happen, well unless you remove the loo and sink?? So compromises needed to be made… So we were looking at standard baths that would fit into the space, and then my wonderful husband (or dream-come-true maker!) found this amazing Burlington corner roll top bath that would fit perfectly into our bathroom space! This alongside the Burlington tap mixer and over sized shower head. Total Score.

Then it was time to decide what to do with the sink and loo, the previous loo was so big and took up half the space (well it felt like it!) so we knew we wanted something smaller. We found this compact loo that would fit perfectly in the space we had available, although it did mean some pipe work changes!

Then the sink, that was most difficult parts of the puzzle. We desperately needed storage in the bathroom; there was no where for me to put my lotions and potions and Mr W had no where to put his beard products (there are many!) so we needed to make sure we had a place that could hide everything away. The answer, IKEA. The Hemnes wash basin was exactly what we were after. Slightly square like in its shape so it could work with the loo and contrast against the curves of the corner bath.

Then onto the tiles… After living with those horrible painted cream tiles I knew I wanted to go to white. White, shiny and clean. I wanted a interesting patterned floor in grey, so I order some grey samples from the wonderful folk at Tons of Tiles  and then it was a case of deciding what one to choose! I decided on the Devon Stone Grey to add some much needed pattern and interest to the room. So now all was decided… it was onto the redecoration. Mr W and Father in Law worked ever so hard to make this room happen and here it is…

The most perfect bath, gorgeous shower mixer and I’ve added a small copper occasion table from Urban Outfitters (old and i cant seem to find the link, sorry!) to add a metallic element to the room and a place to pop some greenery!




We still need to finish off painting the bathroom ceiling (so please ignore the little bits of grout on the ceiling!!)


The toilet and sink are slightly curved but not too much to take away from the show stopper that is the bath! There is some much needed storage from the IKEA cabinet, the two drawer system works perfectly for us.

Mr W also created these little nooks in the shower so we can store our shower products without having a shower caddy or anything additional. I know how long these took to make (like days!) so they are really appreciated and make the bathroom look really fab!


Now onto the details – my favourite bit!

IMG_6434The beautiful Devon grey stone tiles, those gorgeous bath feet and hydrangeas to pretty things up! There is underfloor heating underneath the tiles so we have saves a ton of space by not having to put a radiator in. This gorgeous pom pom bath mat is from Cologne & Cotton  


Bath tidy from IKEA styled up with Hydrangeas and a beautifully scented Diptyque candle.

The toilet roll holder was purchased from Made in Design and is by Ferm Living. I also added the matching towel ring too. I just love the simplicity of the designs. The turquoise towel from M&S Home and adds a pop of colour.




Its not a proper bathroom unless its filled with gorgeous scented candles. This is from Bath & Body Works in the US,  which i always stock up on when I went to the States. The scent from this candles smells so delish! It is really reminiscent of Abercrombie & Fitch. Its really dark and masculine and perfect for a chilled evening in the bath.

Gorgeous scented hand wash from & Other Stories, which my total go to for hand wash now. Lovely scents, packaging and really reasonably priced too.


There are still some things to finish off; there is a large expanse of subway tiles which i need to break up. I need to find a mirror and perhaps some small shelves to add some oddities and greenery on to. The ceiling needs to be painted and the wood work of the door too, I am thinking a lighter grey to help bring the room together. However, I just love the transformation we have made in this room; its an absolute pleasure to chill in the bath now (the tub is perfect!) and one of my favourite places at Number Five.

I hope you have enjoyed this before and after… do let me know if you would like to see more of these kinds of posts!




16 thoughts on “Our Bathroom Makeover…

    1. Ah thank you for the lovely comment Donna! Was one of the most difficult rooms to complete! old houses and new bathrooms dont mix all that well. But its so worth it! 🙂


  1. Absolutely beautiful job on the bathroom and well worth the holiday sacrifice! It’s tricky designing a small bathroom, but you really pulled it out of the bag, it’s a totally different space now – so luxurious and gorgeous! Well done the husband for finding that amazing bath and creating the shower nooks. I love Before and After posts, so more please! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Meera, what lovely comments! it really is difficul trying to make a small bathroom beautiful and urning it into a sanctuary, but think we are getting there! I know Mr W did really well creating those little shower nooks and make the room look tidy as i can hid all my shower goodies in them! 🙂 I am just typing up the next before and after can’t wait to share with everyone.


  2. This look amazing, a great transformation.
    Did you get your wall tiles from the same place as your floor tiles?
    I am looking for the same – which I think are flat metro tiles? I don’t want the bevelled edge as I love how modern this style looks. Am I right?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I’m so sorry, only just seen this comment what with the Christmas holidays! Thank you for your kind comments! Yes wall and floor tiles were from Tons of Tiles and the white tiles are flat gloss white metro tiles, with no edges. Hope this helps! X


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