Where we are… Bedroom Makeover

One of my first blog posts over on Number Five Interiors was telling you guys about our plans for the master bedroom makeover. The makeover has taken a little longer than expected as we have literally revamped the whole room, which is sooooo exciting! It means storage, new walls and a new style! I thought I would share the progress so far, you lovely readers loved the bathroom makeover so much I thought it only kind to show you where we’ve got up to… and then share a ‘ta-da’ moment when its all completed!

So here is the room a couple of months ago; I did love the black, however I felt that it really was too dark for my little house and our small bedroom. I still adore dark tones, I just feel the house does dark colour tones better (like the blue in the lounge!) rather than harsh black.


I wanted our bedroom to be really calming and chill, so we decided on a scandic style blush pink. After much deliberation we opted for Nanna’s Pearls from Valspar. We hadn’t used this brand before, but I heard nothing but great reviews from Mr. W; the consistency was good and the coverage even better, although we did paint over the black firstly with Dulux trade white to help with coverage and tone. Valspar definitely got a thumbs up from Mr W, so much so we went back in to our local B&Q for wood and masonry paint too!!


A lot of time and effort has been taken removing the horrible mirrored wardrobes (why were those ever a thing!) and rebuilding our own fitted wardrobe space designed for us and our storage needs in mind! I am so terribly lucky that my husband loves doing stuff like this when he comes back home, otherwise we would still be saving for new wardrobes! We needed hanging space, drawer space, room for trainers, loafers and more trainers and a place for towels and such like as we don’t have a linen cupboard  in the home. Mr W (with a little help from father in law) created the perfect his and hers spaces for us… they are just not quite finished yet!

Here’s what they used to look like and some during pictures too! (please ‘cuse the mess!)




We (royal!) still need to make doors and the drawers so we can hid away all our bits and bobs but the space and organisational help I have already is making the room feel calmer! I have gone a little maverick with the inside of the wardrobes following the inspirational chat from Joa the Farrow & Ball colour consultant at the House Fair. We painted the inside of the wardrobes a super bright pink so we will make us smile when we open up the paired down grey doors! So much fun! Love to hear what you guys think of this idea!

IMG_6597Can you tell my husband works in Scandinavia with all his woolly jumpers? IMG_6589

I’ve ordered some leather blush handles to go on the wardrobe doors from Etsy that I think will go perfectly with the light grey wardrobes doors…


The drawers inside the wardrobe will have these fab Oliver Bonas copper handles


Once the wardrobe and hanging space is completed its  on to the final touches, my fave! We really do need new carpet… I’m called the ‘mascara monster’ at home because apparently i always get mascara on the carpet… I mean it happened once! (Oops!) I just hate carpet shopping though its dull and uninspiring, so i need to treat the new room to a a new rug to warm the space up even more and get it looking a little more exciting! I have my eye on a fab one for The Rug House… But will share that in the ‘ta-da!’ post!

I have purchased some lovely shelves from Cox & Cox (similar to the ones below which i saw at The Ideal Home Show back in March) which I just can’t wait to style up when they are on the wall. I have tonnes of love scandi oddities which I brought back from my Norway trip in February which i just cant wait to style! I love the leather straps to tie in the leather door handles!

I’ve also purchased a few bits and bobs from Rockett St George to bring the place to life and add a little more interest into the room! Mr W is still deliberating whether the radiator can be painted (please say yes!!) so that’s something we need to decide on 😉


We have already added this fab industrial / scandi style light to the room, which I just adore. Its from BHS (sob!) which as UK readers may know is unfortunately no longer, but was an interior stylists dream when it came to lighting, such a shame the stores came to end the way they did. The style of the light is perfect with its copper accent and total scandi vibe!


I really cant wait to share the big reveal with you all, it should be later on this month but I do hope you like what you’ve seen so far! If you have any design ideas or inspiration that could help bring this room to life I’d love to hear!





4 thoughts on “Where we are… Bedroom Makeover

  1. So far its looking amazing , , so loved what you have done to the room, love that pink colour too, I am looking at paints at the moment and like you have never used Valspar but heard good things about it….looking forward to the big reveal xx


  2. Ooh that blush pink is gorgeous! It looks amazing with the chic black and copper touches. I love what you’re doing with your bedroom, and the bright pink wardrobe interior is SO FUN! What a great idea. Excited to see the full reveal 🙂 xx


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