A huge thank you…

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all that have supported my little blog over the last couple of months! I am quite astonished where this has taken me so far and can’t wait to see what more is in store! Last week I had some imagery of my bathroom included on Tons of Tiles (woah!) but he most wow moment was being nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award of which voting opened on Monday.

I am so beyond words that Number Five Interiors has been nominated for the best newcomer blog. It is such a privilege to be next to some seriously talented and amazing people! So I thought I would share some of my favourite fellow nominees, why I love their blogs, and why you should take a read too!

The Happy Flat

Mary-Ellen is one of the loveliest people I’ve met on my blogging travels (and by that i mean that amazing internet space i’m currently calling home most evenings!) her blog is just full of beautiful imagery, beautifully crafted content and I had serious travel envy after her recent trip to Rome (Insta heaven!) Her post why i started blogging was the one that really inspired me to get off my ass and put my creativity energy into Number Five Interiors… so thank you Mary-Ellen for being my inspiration!

image001 (4)

Small Space People

Lizzie creates and inspires gorgeous looking spaces in small rooms & homes. What she can achieve in those small spaces is quite incredible! Lizzie has the best eye for details, and what sets her small spaces apart from others. Her post about animal print pattern made me love this blog even more (blog spirit animals?? if you pardon the pun!) so up my styling street! Here is her fantastic Art Deco bedroom space, it is so cool, so on trend and so sumptuous. The colour, the accessories, the styling. All the love for this space.

image001 (5)

Styleophile UK

The Lovely Styleophile UK is a music industry drop out (hang on, how cool is that!) but this wonderful lady has a serious eye for interior trends, knows all the best interior stores and has a fabulous eye for interior styling too. Her post on being an interior stylist is so fab and total goals… just need to finish off my home as gorgeously as this! She has a serious love of wallpaper and pattern – something that I need to start indulging more, so thank you for inspiring me with your love of colour & pattern!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 19.16.39
The Pink House

Emily’s home and blog posts always have serious style goals. Her style is eclectic, pretty and boho glam! This lady knows how to do pattern and style! Her fab five finds are always a favourite of mine, as she has such good taste and always finds the most stylish of things. You should take a look at Emily’s bathroom makeover, it is just too beautiful and pales mine into insignificance!! Now how to get more gold into the bathroom…

image001 (3)

La Vie Boheme 

I kinda met (again in the internet world) the lovely Danielle through the wonderful Sarah Akwisombes No Bull Blog School. She has a serious eye for gorgeous patterns, boho colour schemes and bohemian styling vibes too! Her six steps to help create the perfect Bohemian Space is so inspiring! Just look at those colours!

image001 (2)

Carnival of Colour 

The wonderful Rebecca from Carnival of Colour has created the most fab spaces mixing eclectic finds, vintage pieces, colour and pattern! Her eye for amazing vintage stylish finds is unbelievable (so wish I could do that!) and has created some beautiful vignettes from pieces most would dismiss. This lady also has a huge love of flowers like me, she just styles them so beautifully in vintage tins and such like! Stunning wouldn’t you agree?

image001 (6)
There are so many more amazing nominees in the Best Newcomer Category so please do check out the other bloggers in this fabulous interior space!

If you’d like to vote for Number Five Interiors here’s the link every vote is so appreciated!

Big Love x

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