Travel Stays: Stockholm

A big apology for the lack of posts over on Number Five Interiors, I have been really busy at the day job and then have spent some qt with the other half in Stockholm and Vienna, and how wonderful those breaks were! I’ve put together a couple of posts to show off these beautiful cities. Hope you enjoy taking a look through the snaps & seeing what we got up to!!

First off, Stockholm. I love a Scandinavian city break, I adored Copenhagen and loved my visits to Oslo and Trondheim in Norway, so it was only fair we gave Sweden a visit, and I am so glad we did. It’s a fab city for a little break (we did two nights, three days) everything in a walkable distance, lots to see, good food and picture perfect places everywhere!


Stay: Hotel Story 

We stayed in the wonderful Hotel Story in Riddargatan in downtown Stokcholm. The guide book told us this is where the cool Swedes live in Stockholm and it was achingly cool! There are the usual Bond Street stores, plus some really beautiful and expensive boutiques, alongside some great places to eat and drink!


The hotel was so fab, it was a Mr & Mrs Smith hotel which we hadn’t done before, but will definitely be checking out their site again! The room was really cool with exposed plaster, old wallpaper and paint samples and even a hand print too!


The headboard was created from a reclaimed door which looked so ace against the exposed plaster and the pillows and duvet was like marshmallow heaven! So comfy!


The side tables were scandi cool at its best matte black sleek lamps with a little table for a charging phone, or if your good your reading book and glasses! 🙂

The walls were adorned with beautiful artwork which you could buy from a swedish website, I really wanted to purchase this gorgeous piece, but alas, I spent too much in Illums Bolighus, more on that later!


The bathroom had a dream blue and white sink, paired with clean white tiles and brass accessories, but it was the floor which was the star of the show. The neapolitan ice cream style floor, the blush pink, the white and off brown was just perfection! Would love to see this in someone’s home!hotelstory



The hotel lobby also had really cool bathrooms painted in a deep tone, alongside brass walls and the most fabulous ornate skins! So cool!


What we did: Moderna Museet, Skeppsholmen, 

We strolled across to one of the prettiest islands of Stockholm, Skeppsholmen (or Museum Island) to head to the Moderna Museet, it was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Stockholm as their collection of Modern Art is incredible! Amazingly we managed to get into the Yayoi Kusama exhibition which I missed out on when it was in London. I really loved looking at her early works that were on show; created in the 1950’s they looked like they had been created only yesterday, so modern, full of pattern and colour. Then her later works were incredible to see in real life, the collections of dots were just mesmerising! A wonderful collection from an amazingly talented artist!


Just look at that wall colour and pattern clash. LOVE!




The Royal Palace (Sverige’s Kungahus)

Yes it was full of tourists outside, but thankfully not so much inside. This palace was an absolute dream. Chandeliers everywhere. Gold gilding everywhere. Bright jewel tones everywhere.



I just adore this rich jewel tone green against that beautiful gold!!

Gamla Stan (Old Town) 

Well worth walking through the hoards of tourists to get to, the narrow streets of the old town are a delight to look at particularly when you head away from the souvenir shops!




This was the prettiest of all the islands. We spent a lovely Sunday morning before heading to the airport strolling around the beautiful walk ways along with many of locals on their Sunday exercise routines! Stunning views across the water to Riddargatan and a number of museums are also here too!


Djurgarden: Rosendals Tradgard 

This place is total scandic chic does garden centre to create one of the most stunning places to visit in Stockholm. Rosendals is full of wild flower meadows and orchards, as well as a place to buy beautiful plants and have the prettiest of fikas (a Swedish traditional of having a little drink, sweet treat and chat!) I could have spent all day here, but alas the plane back to Heathrow was a calling!


Scandi does garden centre chic at Rosendals!


Wild Flowers for days… Monty eat your heart out!


Beautiful Rosendal grown flowers on display!


The prettiest garden centre store I ever did see!


Top marks for the loveliest sweet treats!

& Too much time in Illums Bolighus

This department store was a fave in Copenhagen last year, and it was a fave again in Stockholm. This is the department store of dreams, stocking favourite scandi brands such as Ferm Living, HAY, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen and Kahler. I had to hold myself back on the spending fron, but did pick up a cute little grey ball vase from Cooee  (which i’d been after for ages!) and a mauve candle holder from Normann Copenhagen that is going straight on the bedroom shelf when we get round to putting them up! I could have purchased so, so, so much more but needed to behave what with the big build starting this month!


Ferm Living A/W colours! Look at that ochre! So autumnal.


Normann Copenhagen, Eames and Muuto! Dreams.


Muuto lighting that we totally have our eye on for the new extension!

Hope you have enjoyed this post on our little trip to Stockholm, I will be posting our Viennese adventures later this week!






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