And so it begins…

Tomorrow Number Five begins it’s transformation from a lovely three bed semi-detached to our dream home. I remember the first time Mr W and I walked round Number Five (I was hungover after an Xmas party!!) but we knew this house could turn into the space we’d always talked about and I still remember Matthew saying (once he’d showed me the previous owner’s life sized sheep sculpture hiding in the garden!) “I cant wait to knock the back of this house off, extend and put a kitchen diner in here…” and so we are here, we are about to make it happen… it’s the day before we knock the back of the house off and make that kitchen diner come true!!

So in true interior blogger style I’m sharing with you what the space looked like before… our mini update it so it was liveable and then later on in the week I will be sharing with you guys the plan for the space!

I’m going to make a regular feature of the build so you can all see the progress and the rooms coming together… it wont be pretty, it will be dusty and messy and a lot of concrete sorry, but hope you still all want to come along the journey transforming Number Five!

So we moved into this delight of a space… yep, we got the curtains, the faux brick, filth and all! It was so greasy I had to call in reinforcements from my cleaning obsessed mother who had a field day in this room, and it took a whole day to get it to a normal, cleanish standard!

kitchen-pictureWe had just put down a hefty deposit so didn’t have the funds for a new kitchen, and knew in that we wanted the extension to happen (soonish) so we decided to revamp the kitchen on a budget just so it was clean and ok to make dinner in!

We decided to paint the doors, change the handles, a new floor and worktop and then make the space our own. We did an ace job on painting the doors but I didn’t really know what style I was going for so it’s more on the shabby chic side of interiors rather than the style I’ve now grown into… I hadn’t spent days on days on Pinterest like I do know and Instagram was pretty new and not the inspirational space it is today! But it was clean, so much cleaner than before and it was bright and kinda enjoyable to be in… But this isn’t the dream kitchen space by any means, and can not wait to rip it out and start again!

We will be extending the house by 4ft, giving us so much more space to create the dream kitchen, island and dining space! The space will let tonnes of light in as we will be having bi-fold doors along the width of the extension and velux in the roof. We get the light at the back of the house in the morning, and I’m really looking forward  to having my morning coffee in the sunshine! The previous front room will also be transformed into a snuggy area for apres-dinner cocktails or (most probably!) a snooze by the fire! There is additional space for a much needed downstairs loo and a laundry room to store away the washing machine, tumble drier and hoover! 🙂 As said, I will share with you all later on in the week the decor plans for the rooms… which I really hope you are as excited as I!!

So for now… enjoy the before (they aren’t the prettiest, sorry!) but I am looking forward to taking you all on this journey with me!

Kitchen as it stands now
Trying to make the space a little cooler!
Long, galley style kitchen… which we can’t wait to rip out!
The back of the house which will be coming down this week (hopefully!) Excuse the tarpaulin! 
No more of this, horrible side door! Again excuse the mop and brush! 
No more looking over at the neighbours washing up!


No more looking at that horrible plastic structure! the window is being blocked up, yay! 
This will be transformed into bi-fold door & Velux heaven! Let there be light!
Our previous living room residing as a junk room at the moment in readiness for the build! Wood burner is staying and this is going to get a midcentury revamp! 

I hope you look forward to hearing about Number Five’s transformation! I’d love to hear if there is anything specific about house renovations, building work etc. you’d like me to write about! 🙂

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