Number Five’s Transformation: Week One

Week one of Number Five’s transformation has completed surpassed all of my expectations! I really wasn’t expecting things to have happened so quickly, but they have and I am already so excited about the space!

So what’s happened in week one…

The single skin outcrop of the kitchen was knocked down on day one, and I literally cheered when I got home! It was one of the parts of the home that I REALLY disliked. I mean, it has now been replaced by wooden boards, tarpaulin, and a freezer in the middle of the kitchen but hey, I’ll take that!

who cares that the freezer is in the middle of the kitchen that bloody outcrop building has gone! 
Builders at work – thanks father in law for the snaps! 
the new space is officially happening!

Amazingly, the footings and foundations are down and the concrete floor too! You can really start to see the space take shape. I am finding it difficult to visualise the space as a whole at the moment with the back of the house on; I keep seeing it as three different rooms, when its going to be one large one. Mr Number Five always finds it difficult that a wannabe interior stylist can’t visual spaces, but I am kinda getting there! I work much better when I know exactly the space I have to stamp my mark on!

Excuse the window reflection but it’s been raining terribly all week (and i wasn’t going out to get drenched for a muddy photo!) 
footings taking shape 
space! much needed space! 


The builders have been super tidy, considering and all the rain hasn’t helped the garden, it’s looking a little muddy, the front of the house looks like a builder’s merchant but it’s ok, because even after week one, we can see the potential of the space; and I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

pouring with rain yesterday, but the concrete is in! 


2 thoughts on “Number Five’s Transformation: Week One

    1. I know! It’s so exciting… and I hope these posts show that it doesn’t take ages for a space to take shape. I know lots of people get put off by timings so hoping to help others! I’ve already started thinking about colour and can’t wait to show off some ideas 🙂 x

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