Weeks three and four of Number Five’s transformation 

Firstly a huge apology to my lovely readers, I’ve been really inconsistent posting on here which is never my intention. Work life has been tough but not an excuse and home life has been turned from organised chaos into absolute chaos! I didn’t truly appreciate how much the build would impact on home life and how chaotic everything would feel with just a couple of rooms unusable! Little things like my morning routine mean going into the front room to make a cuppa but bringing the milk down from the fridge in the small bedroom and for someone who thrives on their routines I’m just feeling a little out of sorts, but I know this space will transform our life style at Number Five and it’s really starting to take shape.

So let’s catch up with where we are…

Week Three 

Was so dull, so so so dull. Nothing happened apart from a couple of roof batons here and there! I have been wowed every week so far of this build but unfortunately week three just didn’t. There was waiting around for supplies and building inspectors so there wasn’t a lot of progress made. On to…

Week Four 

Was exciting, so so so exciting, loads happened and the space has really begun to take shape! The large steels were put in place to hold up the back of the house so we could open up the space! And open up it did!



Those bl**dy patio doors have gone and the space we have is so ace. I can not wait to transform this into our dream space!!



The velux are here and ready to be put in the roof when needed!


The building inspector informed up that we will need to concrete through both old and new house which our budget wasn’t expecting, but if the building inspector says you have to do these things, you kinda have to! 🙂

The kitchen is still in place, however I was left this old school note on the make shift kitchen ply wall, which made me smile!! So I spent the weekend packing up the kitchen in readiness for the floor!


Loads has happened already this week, I don’t want to spoil the surprise but can’t wait to show you all at the weekend!

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