Five things I learnt from Lisa Dawson and Dee Campling’s Style Your Home event

I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind blogger week, which has been ever so exciting and inspiring. On Thursday I met a whole host of amazing interior bloggers at Sarah Akwisombe‘s West Elm meet up and Saturday was spent with Dee Campling and Lisa Dawson at their Style Your Home event which was hosted at Dee’s wonderful home in Cheltenham. These ladies are doing incredible things for the UK Interiors market on Instagram and away from it too! It was fantastic to be able to talk interiors and inspiration with a wonderful bunch of women all day – just a dream and I’m going to share some of those tips with you all.

1. It’s ok if you don’t have a text book style – just find what works for you and your style comfort zone

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself trying to label my interior style, and I just can never give it a name! I like a mix of this, a mix of that with a few other bits and bobs peppered in too. But that’s okay. As long as you find your style and you love it then that is all that matters! Don’t worry about being too scandi, too boho, too electic, too industrial or even not enough love whatever works for you!

I mean my kitchen shouldn’t work but it does, a mix of industrial luxe with the copper work top, scandi tones on the wall, traditional marble look on the counter and trendy herringbone tiles… but because it’s all the things I love and I’ve tried to tie it all in with a paired down colour scheme it just kind of works!


2.Style it up everywhere!

Shelfies mixed with scandi prints and vintage glassware, plants grouped together like a little green gang of friends, miss matched furniture, vintage and high street, gallery walls full of prints and vintage tea plates, wallpapers and murals and furniture in unexpected places… whatever you do, do it with conviction and style it up your way! There is no wrong or right here!

Again, on my kitchen shelf, I have a Jonathan Adler lookalike llama from Home Sense, a Design Letter cup, a green buddha from China which my parents brought me, Studio Arhoj Ghost and some daffodils in a H&M home vase… again none of this should work, but it kind of does. I’ve used the power of the odd number (and number five is my fave!! 🙂 ) varied the heights so there is real intrigue and I’ve made sure the tones are kind of similar and popped the colour where I need too, just make sure you stop when you feel comfortable with the look.


3.Source your home from here, there and everywhere…

Shop independent, thrift, shop High Street, change up old furniture to fit in your home, shop high end and move stuff from room to room. As long as your home and rooms are filled with the things you love that’s all that matters!

I was so inspired after hearing about so many talented women running their own home interior stores on line. I can’t wait to start adding some of their wonderful products into my home. This was a fave that I spotted at Dee’s house (more on that in a min!) from Curious Egg – isn’t this just wonderful!


4.There are no rules

Basically, there are no rules. If it’s something you love, then have it in your home and style it with all the other things you love! If you go off something in your home (I do all the time!) then sell it and put the cash towards something you want to have in your home instead. I fell into the trap when we first moved into Number Five of having everything matching and just so, but it just wasn’t me, and now I’d rather wait for the perfect piece to fit into my home instead!

One of my favourite things I saw at Dee’s house was this bicycle in the sitting room, styled with Dee’s signature fairy lights, beautiful books on the shelf and green touches to bring the outside in! I have swooned over this on Instagram too many times and it was utter perfection seeing it in real life!


5.Dee’s House is absolutely beautiful!  

If you don’t follow Dee (or Lisa) on Instagram you really should! Dee’s house looks absolutely beautiful on Instagram but in real life it is an absolute dream! There are so many wonderful gallery walls, beautiful objects styled in beautiful ways and unexpected things in different places. These ladies really do live by their style rules! Make sure you check out their latest dates as they are hosting these events in some wonderful places!












I had such a fantastic day, week in fact, meeting like minded people who love talking about the same things I love. I really would recommend Lisa and Dee’s Style Your Home event; thoughtfully put together, it attracts a great bunch of like minded people and lunch and cake was fantastic. Only problem is… I want to move everything and basically start some of the rooms again. You know what I might just do that… watch this space!!



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