An evening with… Dartington Crystal and Flowers by Passion

A couple of weeks back I had my first ‘oh my gosh’ moment since starting my little piece of the internet when I was invited to an evening of posy making with Dartington Crystal and Passion by Flowers. You all know how much I love my flowers and I just couldn’t turn down such a fabulous opportunity.

I was really nervous on the train to Bath, I’m not that great at these sorts of things, but all nerves disappeared when I arrived at the most beautiful Bath stone cottage and met some wonderful people! It was such a lovely evening; bubbles flowed, nibbles were handed around and it was a gorgeous event with some really fab bloggers and wonderful brands. (Isn’t this just the most amazing setting for a posy workshop!)


This was Jo’s workshop who owns Passion by Flowers, can you imagine coming to work here every day? Just so pretty! So inspiring and scented so beautifully!


Jo, was just so passionate and enthusiastic talking through how to create the perfect posy, giving us hints and tips throughout her demo. We then had the really difficult task of trying to create a beautiful posy like Jo had! No biggie then!



Firstly we picked a beautiful glass vase which was provided by the lovely folk at Dartington. For those of you who don’t know, Dartington Crystal is a British brand who have been around for about 60 years and who’s factory is in the wonderful Devon countryside. They have english craftsmen who hand blow the glass into the most elegant and simple designs synonymous with the Dartington brand. I know my mum and nan both have Dartington in their cupboards, so it was so nice to come along and see there beautiful products and bring it into my home!! I chose the elegant fluted design as I thought this would help with the posy that I had in mind…


One of the best florist secrets that Jo let us into and i’m going to share with you, is to use floristry tape to grid up your vase so that your foliage and flowers will stand up tall and not go all droopy like you often see! We were also told to always start with the foliage – go mad, use eucalyptus, olive, mint and herbs… go wild! So that’s what I did!



Once I had the the foliage in place I got to play with all the flowers! It was so glorious to have so many flowers at my fingertips and use! It was a dream come true!


I chose to adorn the gorgeous scented foliage with beautiful pale roses, pops of pink were added with gorgeous astilbe and beautiful cottage flowers to tie in the colour pallet. A gorgeous posy that would fit perfectly on the bar cart at Number Five wouldn’t you agree.


I did have the difficult task of getting this home on the train, but when you have had the best evening and have tea – anything is possible!



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