Number Five’s Transformation: Week Two

This week has really seen the space take shape, and oh my gosh it’s exciting! I still can’t believe how quickly things are happening, not that I’m complaining!

So let us take a look into what’s hapnumberfivetransformationweektwopened in week two:

Early in the week I cam home to the external and internal walls being built up which helped me to start visualising the space we will have to play with (I’m still struggling with the older house structure still being up but all that will be coming down soon, and I will be complaining about the dust I’m sure!)


Soon after the first wall was up the second one was in quick succession, as well as the beginnings of the internal walls and insulation; v. important as our house when we first moved in was absolutely freezing, so cold that I needed three water bottles to warm the bed up, and I don’t ย want a repeat of that ever again!


I’m really pleased with the brick work transition from old to new… they have cut the bricks in which looks really fab! I’ve seen some extensions with the little details like this forgotten, so I’m pleased our builders totally got our exacting standards from the off set! ๐Ÿ™‚


Then towards the end of the week the space really started to take shape! I came home late on Thursday evening from a Graham & Green event which ended with a little tipsiness after a few too many glasses of Prosecco (Styleophile and ย Dee Campling are bad influences!) looked out the window to see the start of the roof timbers which i couldn’t quite believe… and didn’t know if it was the Prosecco making see things or if things were happening so quickly!

The scaffolders came round on Friday… and ta-da, those builders were definitely working hard on Friday! The steel for the bi-folds is in, the roof timbers in and it’s all really happening!!


numberfivetransformationweektwo3Soon this sky will be framed with a velux!

numberfivetransformationweektwo4The steel for the bi-folds is in, and the room is totally progressing!


I have my fingers crossed for another good week of weather, in particular because I’m guessing the work on the roof will start next week… We have been so lucky with the sunshine throughout the week so the builders can crack on with the work.

Stay tuned for more progress next week!

One thought on “Number Five’s Transformation: Week Two

  1. Wow …like wow…..things are really moving, the builders are doing a grand job aren’t they, before you know it , it will be finished…..!! loved how you said you used to have 3 hot water bottles to keep warm …I love my hot water bottle ..ha ha xx


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