Weekend vibes…

What a week hey! It may have only been four days but it has been a long four days! This weekend will all about R&R and spending some time on my blog. Here is what is in store for this weekend…


I launched my little bit of the internet a whole month ago, thank you to all you readers that have stopped by 💕 I’ve learnt so much about the blogging world already, but really need to spend some quality time looking into some real technical bits and bobs, social elements and content too! I have been reading the fabulous Sarah Akwisombe’s No Bull Blog School posts ( if you are thinking of blogging you should really take a look at this lady’s work!) and they have really helped me to prioritise the work I need to do!

I have had some amazing feedback about the blog so far, but know that all areas need A LOT of work so I definitely keen to keep up momentum on something I am enjoying so much!


As part of operation bedroom, we are in serious need of a wardrobe revamp. This weekend I will be trying to create the perfect space (in drawing form!) for storing all our stuff! I love drawing out ideas and plans and checking out ideas Pinterest. We have a relatively small house with very little storage (such is the way with first time houses isn’t it?) so I am hoping to create the perfect space to keep everything away! I have already got the important stuff sorted like the drawer handles (I can hear my husband chuckling all the way from Norway at that comment!) but don’t you think these lovely handles will fit perfectly in the blush pink scandi-style room!


This weekend I will also be researching city breaks! I have two passions in life; interiors and travel. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some really amazing places and city breaks are one of my favourite ways of seeing a new place! We have booked a three day trip to Stockholm in August and I am SO excited to visit. I love the scandi-style and way of life so can’t wait to experience this vibe in the summer. We are also looking to go to Vienna for a long weekend; a city that has always been on my wish-list for ever. I am a huge art fan, so the thought of seeing Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ at the Belvedere is just too exciting! That alongside the beautiful Austrian architecture, wonderful pastries, and lots of walking round galleries and pitstops in beautiful cafes, ahhh!  I just can’t wait to visit such a place full of history and culture.

(image – Pinterest)

Any recommendations for either will be gratefully received.

Hope you have a great weekend x

5 thoughts on “Weekend vibes…

  1. I must read that no bull blog, I need to give my blog a bit more va va vroom, I need to get to grips but it’s getting the time and the energy. …love those door knobs , they will look fabulous with blush pink in your bedroom and happy holiday browsing this weekend, Vienna sound fabulous 😊xx


  2. Just discovered you on Twitter and found your blog too. Well done to you Jade ! I too need to check in with Sarah ! I never seem to get round to writing but it’s actually one of the areas I enjoy the most . You’ve inspired me! X X


  3. Hi Julia, hope you have found some things to get inspired by and start writing more! Loving your blog too, and can’t wait to see more, you have such an amazing eye for pieces of furniture that resemble art… can’t wait for more inspiration. x


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