My thoughts… Bloom & Wild.

Last pay day I indulged a little and treated myself to a Bloom & Wild Flower Delivery. If you ever pop by number five there will always be fresh flowers somewhere…. So, Bloom & Wild deliver fresh beautiful blooms through your letterbox, yes a flower delivery through your letterbox! I had seen loads of social posts of their beautiful blooms and knew I had to try out the whole experience, so here are my thoughts!

One of my favourite things of the whole experience was picking which blooms to get delivered through the letterbox. The Bloom & Wild app is super easy to use and there is so much choice, the have beautiful names; The Lottie, The Belle, The Gracie (so sweet!) and you can take a look at the description of what flowers you will receive. SO. MUCH. CHOICE. Once the bouquet was (finally!) chosen; I went for the Eloise, it was all about waiting for what would come through the letterbox.


I didn’t have high expectations if I’m totally honest, yes the social posts looked fab, but you can filter a flower too don’t you know. I thought the blooms would be out of shape, wouldn’t last long and I’d have to throw them away within a couple of days… but I like surprises and this was a seriously good one.


It was a lovely treat to get home and see the Bloom & Wild box on the hallway floor, there was a little damage on the box, but our postie is a gentle giant so might have been a little heavy handed. I opened the box and found every peony was carefully placed into what I can only describe as a peony jacket (?) to protect them in transit. Cute! IMG_5328

You can then make the bouquet what you want it to be… I wanted to put all the flowers together into one large bouquet and turn it into a real centre piece in my lounge. You could pull out all the peonies and put them in a vase with a few bits of greenery, take the yellow flowers and pull those all together; just style as you wish and here’s mine, ta-da!


I ordered the flowers on 26 May and they have just exceeded all of my expectations! The peonies are still coming into bloom and they are looking so fab, and they don’t look old either. Every morning the peonies are changing in colour and blooming more and more (there is a real reason why these blooms are my favourite, not just because the are super Instagrammable!!) Just look at them this morning… just gorgeous!


Close up… just look at that beautiful colour! IMG_5238

Would I order again – Yes! (oops, I may have purchased a three month subscription because I love them so much and love the thought of getting flowers through the door every month – how very Elton John of me!!)

Would I order as a gift – totally! I mean how excited would you be to receive a beautiful box of blooms. Such a lovely gift.

Would I recommend – absolutely! I have never purchased a bunch of flowers that has lasted so long and looked so good. So go on… treat yourself, you know you need the Bloom & Wild Flower Delivery in your life!!


2 thoughts on “My thoughts… Bloom & Wild.

  1. Ohhhh they do look gorgeous , I too love peonies and June is there month, they do look lovely and have lasted well ,so pleased to hear a positive review, I don’t blame you for treating yourself, think I mat treat my mum as its her birthday soon xx

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